Jenny is a leadership coach committed to creating outstanding female leaders in the field of engineering.  She is the only female leadership coach in Australia with an engineering qualification.  She draws on her experience as a trained engineer and executive to enable people leaders to lead high performing teams and dramatically improve their effectiveness.  Jenny provides a structured and logical approach to the ‘soft-skills’ required to lead people that makes sense to engineers.  With high levels of emotional intelligence Jenny’s clients are left feeling cared for as well as achieving greater levels of career and personal success and satisfaction.  Jenny is also experienced in the applicaatiion of leadership skills to leading the family unit and her ability to help those of her clients who are also parents enjoy their parenting more is greatly valued by her clients.

Managerial Leadership Coaching

Managing other people is both challenging and extremely rewarding. It requires a strong combination of understanding the knowledge required to manage people and the skills required to execute. Jenny draws on her extensive executive experience and her training and coaching skills.

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