Jenny Bailey

Creating outstanding female leaders in the field of engineering

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Women in Hard Hats

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Jenny is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker.
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Jenny is a compassionate, knowledgeable and engaging trainer.
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Jenny is an experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate executive and parenting coach.
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What people say about Jenny

"I engaged Jenny as an executive coach to assist me with a transition from private practice to a corporate/management role. Jenny introduced me to Requisite Organisation thinking and a number of other management and leadership principles and practices that I still use today. Her coaching and guidance enabled me to transition very successfully and very quickly gain confidence in my own approach and style. I would recommend Jenny to managers needing some new and cl ear thinking on approach to management of teams and organisations. "

Leonie, Adecco

"Before I worked with Jenny, I had achieved success in building a high performing team but felt I had limited influence in my organisation. What I learned from Jenny is a way to build and better articulate my capability. Now I have a means for greater influence within my organisation. I would recommend Jenny to anyone who wants to take their leadership journey to the next level. "

Amanda, City West Water

"Jenny is a compassionate coach who generously shares her deep knowledge on leadership. Before working with Jenny I doubted my ability to advance my career and was unclear on my career focus. After working with Jenny, I have clarity on where I want to go and am making positive and concrete steps to get there. I would definitely recommend Jenny to anyone that was considering taking their career to the next level. She’s a gem! Thanks Jenny! "

Sarah, Melbourne Water

"Prior to working with Jenny, I found I was lacking confidence in my abilities as a leader and therefore felt I wasn’t getting the best from my team. What I learned working with Jenny was how to utilise new tools that help me handle difficult situations in a way that feels comfortable. Now I feel better equipped to lead my team effectively and get the performance that I and the business strive for. I would recommend Jenny to anyone who wants to improve the performance of their team through more effective leadership. "

Heather, Jemena

"Jenny has improved efficiency and effectiveness in our team.  Her coaching was sensitive, structured and logical in leveraging her quality engineering and utilities experience. I can recommend Jenny to anyone who wishes to fundamentally improve their leadership potential and seeking to enjoy their work even more through better relationships. "

Mike, JemenaControl & Dispatch Gas Manager, Jemena

"Jenny has been a smart, compassionate and knowledgeable guide for my journey into establishing my own professional practice. Through working with Jenny I have learned how to position and market myself as well as how to grow my intellectual property. I now have a thriving business that works for me and my family and am very confident about the future of my business. I would recommend Jenny to anyone who wants to be better at what they do – whether it be a manager in a company of someone who wants to work for themselves. "

Mike, CadeasusDirector, Cadeasus

"With the skills I learned from Jenny I am both a better parent and a better manager. I find I am also much better at listening to my clients and helping them when they have problems. "

Dennis, Danaher LegalDanaher Legal

"After taking on an underperforming team that was not aligned with our corporate culture and lacking accountability during a time of rapid change and growth, I engaged Jenny to complete a review or the structure, recommend changes and assist with implementation both as a trainer/coach and facilitator. This resulted in employee engagement and alignment with our culture improving significantly and a much happier and effective team. "

Chris, WestfarmersHead Sustainability, Target

"Jenny has really helped us understand how to run good meetings. With Jenny’s help, we now run meetings where the Management Team actually wants to attend and where we solve real problems that enable us all to get on with our own work. "

SamGeneral Manager for Corporate Services, RayGen