Jenny Bailey

About Jenny Bailey

“Female engineers are gold!” – Jenny Bailey

“Women with an engineering degree have both analytical and relationship skills, critical for leadership in the modern world. In addition, they are smart and resilient to have got this far in a male dominated environment” – Jenny Bailey

Jenny Bailey is a speaker, author, coach, trainer and consultant and expert in leadership.  She is the only female leadership coach in Australia with a degree in engineering.  She has worked as an engineer and as a senior executive for some of the most respected brands including KPMG, Rio Tinto, SKM and Yarra Valley Water.

Jenny is described as wise, knowledgable and compassionate with a structured and logical approach to supporting her clients. She has a knack for quickly spotting the root cause of problems and identifying a practical solution. Her clients often get promoted for better roles within their organisation.

She works with:
• Female engineers who want to improve their leadership, confidence, effectiveness and work-life satisfaction.
• Leaders in engineering organisations looking for dramatic improvement in their groups performance.
• Engineers in leadership roles looking for a logical and structured approach to leading teams.

She is the author of the newly-released book, ‘Women in Hard Hats – building leadership, confidence and life satisfaction in the engineering sector’.

“I found I was lacking confidence in my abilities as a leader and therefore felt I wasn’t getting the best from my team, I learned from Jenny how to utilise new tools that help me to handle difficult situations in a way that feels comfortable. Now I feel better equipped to lead my team effectively and get the performance that I and the business strive for.”

– Amanda

You can contact Jenny at: jenny@jennybailey.com.au or call her directly on 0408 400569.

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